You are cordially invited to visit Kazakhstan, a beautiful country with a splendid view of mountains over the horizon!

Here is a question that has been asked by people who do not know much about where Kazakhstan is.
Is Kazakhstan in Europe or in Asia? Generally it is considered that the Ural River divides Europe and Asia. If that's the case, then Kazakhstan is both in Europe and Asia.

Have a look at the map of Kazakhstan. As you can see the west of the country is partly in Europe, while the rest is in Asia. Atyrau, one of the cities of Kazakhstan, partly lies in Europe, with a bridge connecting it to Asia.

The most visited cities in Kazakhstan are Almaty and Astana. Astana is a capital city with all new modern financial and governmental centers. Almaty is the biggest Kazakhstani city. It’s a heart of this country, where numerous green parks combine along with high-sky business centers and fashionable shopping malls. Always check the weather in Almaty. It can be very unpredictable, though the weather is never bad in Almaty. 

And don’t forget about fantastical opportunity to have unbelievable experience of camel and horse races! You can have a unique chance to see or even to take a part in a Kazakh national equestrian game – baiga.  Be brave and feel a real life of steppe inhabitant! Only here you can touch a history of nomads and sense a wild spirit of freedom in your blood. 

 The highest mountains don’t leave you indifferent. If you miss a fresh mountain air and need some adrenaline it is definitely a right place. Almaty is surrounded by mountains where the extreme hunters find what they seek: paragliding, hang-gliding, snowboarding and sky-surfing. 

Kazakhstan is a place where you can easily find various opportunities for your travel goals. If you come here to spend several days to get acquainted with local culture and meet different people we will gladly assist you in selecting a comfortable hotel, which can provide perfect accommodation. We have strong business links with the best hotels operating over most regions of our country.

Perhaps, you are seeking a new place to settle an incentive tour/event for your staff. Again we are happy to offer all the possible facilities to make your corporate trip as a successful one. We are keen to choose for you the most appropriate place to host your event. To your attention here are a number of excellent conference platforms, which are able to welcome businessmen from all over the world.

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